Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing the Writer Within


Dr. Annette Annechild

Who is Annette Annechild — and why is she qualified to lead me through this?

Dr. Annette Annechild holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in counseling psychology. She’s been in private practice for over 25 years.

She has also spent 30+ years practicing and teaching yoga.

Annette’s spent her entire professional life developing her own unique style of guided meditation, which she’s used to help celebrities, movie stars, Olympians, and famous musicians and artists successfully face their fears and break through their personal obstacles.

Accessing the Writer Within is the culmination of Annette’s life’s work.

Here are a few things that people she’s worked with had to say …

Annette Annechild is a transformational healer, gifted hypnotherapist, and spiritual leader. It is a blessing to be in her company and experience her powerful therapeutic essence. During her sessions, I am projected from my history of constant anxiety to a world of hope and peace. My work with her has helped me deal with procrastination and organization. Her safe, tranquil environment gives me the opportunity to learn new brain patterns while creating a rewarding, productive life. Annette’s insatiable quest for changing people’s lives is truly admirable. She is a gift to all who know and love her.” — Susan M.

As a researcher, writing is the most important part of my professional life. I’ve used Annette Annechild’s self-hypnoses and recorded meditations for years because they work. Her vivid visualizations and comforting delivery give me the focus I need for my writing to flow. They allow me to get my work done with joy and satisfaction, not pain and procrastination.”

— Michael G., Ph.D., MPP

Hypnosis and meditation, when truly harnessed, can dramatically improve a person’s life. These skills are underappreciated for the incredible potential they have to tap our greatest resources that normally stay hidden from our view in the unconscious. 

“I can think of no one who understands this and can convey this better than Dr. Annette Annechild. She is one of the great Souls in the field of psychotherapy — who brings years of experience, profound wisdom, and a pure heart to all who come to her. Consider yourself blessed by a Master if you work with her.”

— Merideth T., Licensed Psychologist, Chapel Hill, NC

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