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Hypnotic Meditative Technique (HMT)

What is the difference between meditation and self-hypnosis?

Meditation is about clearing the mind by focusing on breath work or a repeated mantra. No matter what the mind wants to do, you’ll learn to constantly bring it back to the mantra or the breath.

Self-hypnosis begins with the same clearing of the mind, then dives deeper into the subconscious to elicit a specific benefit or action.

What is Annette Annechild’s Hypnotic Meditative Technique (HMT)?

Don’t worry, no one is going to dangle a watch in front of you and put you to sleep. That’s just in the movies.

HMT is the groundbreaking technique that Annette developed and perfected over her 25-year career as a therapist. It is a step beyond the “traditional meditation” that everyone talks about.

It is a therapeutic technique that helps you harness the power of meditation and self-hypnosis to use for very specific purposes.

It allows you to instantly take control of any situation you’re in — so you’re ruling your world and it’s not ruling you.

The change HMT can have on your life is nothing short of transformative:

Instead of waiting for the universe to bestow abundance, you will be able to gain control and take action as opportunities arise, moving with renewed energy and inspired by the new sense of “flow” in your life.

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