What is meditation?

Meditation is simply a deliberate act of clearing and relaxing the mind, often with the goal of achieving some type of benefit.

Though its exact time and place of origin are unknown, it was widely practiced in Eastern religion and medicine for thousands of years.

Today, meditation is considered a “mainstream” practice in Western society.

Some of the world’s smartest, most influential people now rely on it for relaxing and reducing stress, improving aspects of the “self,” such as self-confidence, esteem, and optimism, and more.

People like …

  • Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, credits this with turning around the fortunes of Ford when it was teetering on bankruptcy in 2008 …
  • Padmasree Warrior,Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems — a job that’s certain to clutter up anyone’s mind — calls this ritual “a reboot for your brain and soul.”
  • Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons is a huge proponent. “You don’t even have to believe in it for it to work,” he said. “You just have to take the time to do it.”
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters CEO Robert Stiller says it “helps develop your abilities to focus better and accomplish your tasks.”
  • Oprah Winfrey, who oversees media dynasty Harpo Productions, says she walks away from this daily ritual “feeling full of hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy.”

Meditation and the “study of the mind” has its skeptics … but the myriad benefits that millions of people swear by are undeniable.

Whether you’re a skeptic or you already believe in the power of meditation because you have already tried it, you’ll find Dr. Annette Annechild’s Accessing the Writer Within program to be a simple, commonsense approach to meditation that helps you unleash your success as a writer.

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