Meet Your Guide:
Dr. Annette Annechild


annette annechildDr. Annette Annechild earned her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Kensington University.

She has a very successful private family and marriage counseling practice in Delray Beach, Florida, where she specializes in joining hypnotherapy with traditional counseling practices.

She’s a motivational speaker and loves sharing her enthusiasm for a joyful, intuitive, and creative life.

She also founded ACCESS Youth Inc. — an innovative nonprofit in Washington, D.C. that mentors at-risk teens.

Annette has spent her life developing her own unique style of guided meditation, which she’s used to help celebrities, movie stars, Olympians, famous musicians and artists successfully face their fears and break through their personal obstacles.

It’s called the Hypnotic Meditative Technique (HMT). It’s the sum of her 30+ years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, counselor, and hypnotherapist.

HMT is a powerful combination of meditation and self-hypnosis. It’s unlike any other meditative technique out there.

As a writer herself — Annette has published 10 books — she was ecstatic to create a full set of HMT meditations for writers. They have the power to completely revolutionize the way you approach your career, your clients, your fees, your writing process, and your experience in the writer’s life.

As she explains it,

“The program is designed to relax you and let you get to know the deepest parts of yourself.

“It’s specifically designed for writers, and you will discover and explore whatever may be holding you back from reaching your next level or enjoying the work you have … to be able to live and work in the creative zone and find true peace and contentment.” 

“This program is my life’s work … produced in a way I never expected.”

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