19 Reasons Writers Should Meditate

The benefits of adding meditation to your “writing routine” are truly endless … and you can feel them almost immediately after you begin.

Here are 19 specific reasons that every writer should meditate:

1. Meditation is all about quieting the mind. A mind that can be quiet can be creative.

2. It creates a “safe space” where the mind can feel free to wander and be creative. Writing requires that safe space, where it is free of judgment and isn’t afraid of “not being good enough.”

3. Meditation helps you harness the power of your unconscious mind. If you’ve ever had a dream so vivid — and with a story so complete — you know that much of your creative power draws from your subconscious.

4. Meditation allows you to silence your inner critic. By quieting your mind and focusing on controlling self-criticism, you automatically improve your mastery over yourself and your inner voices. Plus, it frees you take risks in your writing and believe in your own ability to think, function, thrive and, ultimately, write!

5. Meditation gives you power over procrastination — the arch nemesis of even the most gifted writers. Like many bad habits, procrastination stems from fear. When you can identify the “voice” of procrastination (“Hey, let’s go get the mail — forget about writing!”) you can unlock more potential and productivity than you’ve ever experienced before.

6. By the nature of meditation, it increases your ability to focus. And for a writer, the ability to “turn on” focus at will is golden.

7. Meditation busts down writer’s block by unifying all of your energies into one purpose: writing!

8. It’s a tool you can use to remain cool-headed even when faced with a challenge … like the pressure of a deadline!

9. Meditation helps you consciously shift your focus. This is different than just the ability TO focus … but when you practice being consciously aware of where your focus is, you can easily get back on track if you start to daydream or get distracted.

10. It allows you to make permanent, lasting change in your writing life. Transformation always starts with ideas … then decision … then action. A focused, clear, quiet mind gets more ideas, feels more confident to make decisions, and takes action easily.

11. Meditation helps you not only break free from the day’s stresses and challenges … but experience true freedom in a peaceful, flowing, healthy, and imaginative mind. The free mind is one that writes easily!

12. Effortless motivation! Motivation can often be a difficult element to hold on to. And while you can’t see it, taste it, or touch it, it’s easy to recognize its effects. Meditation gives you the power to live and think healthfully and creatively … and clear away anything blocking your motivation.

13. Meditation helps you cultivate inspiration. Inspiration is different than motivation. Inspiration is that “inner fire” … the pure ecstasy of doing what you love.

14. Expanding your potential further is possible when you meditate. Right now, your maximum volume might be 1,000 words every day in your novel or working on your professional projects. Meditation allows you to expand … and achieve greatness.

15. Meditation allows you to find your creative flow … that “in the zone” feeling of pure productivity. Scientifically, it’s been defined as an “optimal state of consciousness.” Meditation trains your brain to get there — physically — faster, and more often.

16. Meditation is a form of nurturing your mind — the same way you nurture your body by eating nutritious foods and exercising. When you nurture your mind, it automatically gives you more productivity in return.

17. Meditation allows you to manifest your dreams — that is, by visualizing your success (or your ideal writer’s life), you can tell your subconscious where to focus your actions most. This isn’t magic or mysticism — it’s using the power of your mind to create your most joyful life.

18. If you’ve ever felt exhausted — creatively, spiritually, physically, and emotionally — then meditation will help you experience renewal. Like a massage for your mind and spirit, meditation allows you to re-energize and re-center yourself.

19. By meditating on your writing and goals, you make a decision every day to continue living your writing dreams. Meditation helps you stay dedicated to your success …

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