“How it Works” 

Here’s the logistics of how Accessing the Writer Within works:

When you order today, you’ll get instant access to the beautiful Accessing the Writer Within Companion Guide e-book Annette created for you. Each day, you’ll read a brief note from her about the day’s meditation.

She’ll explain what you’ll be working on and give you a few inspiring quotes for the day.

Then, every morning for the next 21 days, you’ll get an email with links to both the morning and evening meditations.

These will be easily available to you on your myAWAI Member Page, so you can access them at any time, at your convenience.

Each morning, you’ll take between 15 and 20 minutes to simply sit … close your eyes … and relax.

Annette will guide you into a space of mental clarity … and help you work through the specific challenges you currently face as a writer.

You’ll begin your day with a fresh, clear mind.

Then in the evening, you’ll get to do the same thing … moving into a space of blissful relaxation … effectively beginning your day with clarity and purpose and ending it with a calm, quiet mind, ready for sleep.

By meditating morning and evening with Annette, you’ll “bookend” your day with a calm, relaxed mind. You’ll double your progress … and you’ll create a habit that can last a lifetime.

That’s it!

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