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“I’d been using meditation in my daily routine for about a year before I discovered Accessing the Writer Within. What a powerful tool! I wish I had this sooner. It really made meditation easy. I can see myself coming back to this program over and over again.” — Sean McCool

“I really, really, really, truly love this program! I saw changes from day one and look forward to each session twice a day. Amazing! Thanks, Annette and AWAI!” — Serena Bahe

“I love Annette’s approach for writers. I’ve done various forms of mediation for years, but have really benefited from this one.” — Angela Tanger

“The toughest part of writing, for me, has always been the ‘mind games.’ All my doubts, mental blocks, inner demons, endless procrastination … you name it. Accessing the Writer Within is by far the best tool I’ve ever found to clear my mind, banish my doubts, and find a sweet sense of inner peace, so I can do my best creative work. It has made an amazing difference for me!” — David W. Chapman

“Am loving it! Had a big breakthrough last week with the self-critic and procrastinator. I’ve also slept better than I have in a long, long time. I am much more relaxed and a certain assurance has been born within me. One of the coolest programs I’ve ever taken.” — Mary Rose Maguire

“It’s really addictive after a while! And Annette’s voice is so soothing! Thanks for adding this as an AWAI program!” — Hazel Hardie, Lancaster University

“Sometimes I feel like I am not meditating correctly because my mind jumps all over the place, but then at times throughout the day, I will surface from whatever task I am doing and find hours have passed. So I must be getting some subliminal benefit from it that helps me tune out distractions. Also, when my day job gets frenzied, I can do the breathing part of the meditation and it calms and refocuses me.” — Susan Price, Bowie, Maryland

“I sleep much better and so soundly. I have to do the meditation right before bed because I get so relaxed I can’t stay awake.” — Donna Creighton, Creighton Copywrites

“Annette gets straight to the heart of what haunts and matters most to us as writers.” — Alan Steacy, Connect the Dots Copywriting

“I’ve definitely found some insight with Annette’s suggestions and it has been very helpful in muting my inner-critic/negative thinker.” — Elizabeth Carty

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